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Do You Trust Your Brand? 

Do you trust your own brand?

Here are 4 signs to help you confirm or deny if you trust your own brand:

1) When people ask you what your differentiators are, you’re unsure how to answer, and perhaps feel a bit embarrassed. 
We’ve all been there, but don’t fret because there’s a solution. If you are struggling with this, think about why it is that your customers buy from you. A great way to find out is to send out a survey upon purchase or project completion. Their answers may surprise you!

At Pistil, we send surveys to our customers at the end of every project. We glean SO much valuable information from these surveys, and our clients are happy to fill them out because it gives them the space to provide feedback they may otherwise not.

2) You make excuses when handing out business cards, or don’t hand them out at all because you keep “forgetting” to order more.
Do you often find yourself at a networking event without business cards? Did you “conveniently” forget to order more? Perhaps you are:
• Afraid to attract customers you don’t want
• Convinced you are undeserving of your target clientele
• Embarrassed by your cards, because they don’t reflect your values

Not everyone loves networking, but if you’re making the effort to attend a networking event, not bringing your business cards doesn’t send the right message. The message that sends is “I am unprepared and irresponsible.” Do you want customers to buy from you based on that assumption?

3) You get nervous around your direct competitors and similar professionals in your industry.
It’s a terrible feeling – the sensation that you’ve got a knot in your stomach – and you wish you could be anywhere else. What’s worse is that your fear is so palpable, you’re confident competitors can smell it from a mile away. The truth is, they may be able to. But who cares, because if you were confident in what you stood for and the value you had to offer, it wouldn’t matter in the least bit.

Perhaps you believe you are not good enough at what you do, and that others do it better (aka inferiority complex). Focus on what you have to offer and nurture it until it grows, and grows, and grows.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – you will only pedal backward.

4) Your website looms over you like a black rain cloud – threatening to strike you with a thousand bolts of hard work.

Your website is the first place potential customers will go to learn more about your business and connect with your brand. It is where those searching for your products and or services may land and discover you. It’s also where you will capture new leads, by attracting visitors and inspiring them to convert from prospects to customers or clients. Simply put – your website is kind of a big deal (seriously)!

Does this sound all too familiar? Don’t fret! We are here to help you gain clarity on your brand.


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Do You Trust Your Own Brand?

4 signs to help you confirm or deny if you trust your own brand.

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