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We’re dedicated to making your brand and business shine bright.

We’re a seasoned group of marketing, design and web professionals dedicated to the success of your business.


Ashleigh Burskey

Owner & Chief Strategist

Brand Strategy / Business Development / Consulting

Ashleigh will take your brand to the next level.

Ashleigh is a branding and marketing expert with more than 11 years of experience navigating an ever-evolving industry.

She brings palpable passion and drive to every project, and is known for her results-driven approach and high standards of excellence. Business savvy, Ashleigh’s research, analytical and strategy skills are what have established her reputation. Her work with numerous clients in various industries has confirmed her belief that successful marketing strategies depend on careful research, planning, and cunning execution.

Ashleigh’s broad skill set and approachability make her an excellent communicator, with an intuitive sense of guiding businesses towards their goals. Ashleigh confidently leads the Pistil Brands in its mission to help cannabis companies implement brand strategies for sustainable growth. As a trusted leader, Ashleigh has built a loyal team of talented professionals with whom she works to diligently build and sustain incredible brands.


When she’s not building bigger and better brands, you can find Ashleigh painting in her art studio.


Katie VenVertloh

Art Director

Print  / 3D / Production

Katie will assure your customers deeply connect with your brand.

Katie leads and executes brand identity development projects to establish a robust, meaningful and targeted brand presence.

Before joining Pistil Brands, Katie spent over six years working as the lead graphic designer for a national clothing company and well-established marketing agency. After a successful career working with high profile brands, Katie now uses her dedication, focus, and timely solutions to help our clients establish a competitive brand image through thoughtful design.  

Katie's broad skill set ranges from brand identity development, packaging design, art direction, and strategy development/ execution. 


When she’s not designing remarkably beautiful brands for our clients you can find Katie (among other things) serving as the marketing chair on the Architalx board.


Lisa Leslie

Content Strategist

Content / SEO / Social Media / Project Management

Lisa will hear what you’re not saying, and clarify what you do.

Lisa crafts relevant, engaging, and action-inspiring content for our clients. 

Before joining Pistil, Lisa explored a variety of administrative, project management, supervisory and training roles in business finance, insurance administration, marketing/advertising, real estate, automotive sales, and jewelry sales. Her broad skill set allows her to keenly focus on helping our clients discover their why and sell it through the development and sharing of remarkable content.

Lisa’s skill set includes everything from brand messaging creation, content strategy, website content development, search engine optimization, social media management, and email marketing to project management and training. Her ability to learn new systems and processes with ease, combined with her passion for sharing knowledge and expertise with others, makes her an ideal leader and trainer for clients and new hires alike.


When she’s not uncovering stories and crafting compelling content, you’ll find Lisa outside skiing, hiking, and jogging.

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