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Is Your Brand Telling The Right Story?

It takes a lot of hard work to build brand equity.

Do you feel as though you’ve been working on brand development, but sense that something isn’t quite right – You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know that your brand’s perception is not on-point.

If this sounds like you, we’re here to help!

It may be time to take a closer look at what your brand is saying about your business.

What story is it telling? Is it telling the story you want it to? How do know if your brand is telling the right story – one that’s closely aligned with the values and mission of your business?

Here are 5 signs that may indicate your brand is telling the wrong story:

1) Your “Why” for doing business is or has become unclear to you.
Do you have a strong “Why” for doing what you do? Or have you lost your purpose or mission somewhere along the way? If you aren’t 100% clear on your “Why ” your brand may have gone off track. That doesn’t mean all is lost, but you’ve certainly got some rediscovering to do.

If you skip figuring out your mission, why you do what you do and what differences you want to make as a result, you’ll forever be missing a key ingredient to building an authentic and trustworthy brand.

If you don’t know or can’t define your “Why” how can you expect anyone else to? If you don’t get clear about your “Why” you may continue to attract the wrong type of client or customer.

2) You aren’t sure if you have a “brand” at all.
Do you know what makes your brand different than your competitors? Are you an established business or just getting started? It’s hard to know if your values align with your brand, if you don’t have one, or don’t know how to define it. It’s time to figure out what your brand is if you have one at all!

3) You are scared to be your authentic self in business.
If you and/or your team feel insecure during business dealings/interactions, that is a sign there is lack of clarity in your business. If your brand portrays values other than those you are passionate about, you may need to dig deeper. Don’t be afraid to let your brand be a reflection of who you truly are.

4) You are embarrassed to hand out business cards and refer people to your website.
Your business cards and website should accurately express your brand image and values – you should be proud to share them with everyone you meet! If this isn’t the case, it may be a sign that your confidence in your brand is compromised, which will make it that much more difficult to establish trust with potential customers. It’s time to figure out why you lack confidence in your brand, and what you can do to change that.

5) Your gut tells you that you are misrepresenting your business.
When in doubt, always trust your gut. If you feel deep down that your brand isn’t representing your business in the way you want it to, or feel that it should, then it probably isn’t. The tricky part will be figuring out how you went off course in the first place, and how to get it all back on track.

Do one, a few or all of these points ring true to you? If so, don’t fret! There is a solution. Yes, it will require some discovery and self-reflection from you and your team, but it’s absolutely possible (and trust us, it’s not that hard!).


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Is Your Brand Telling The Right Story?

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