Every business inherently possesses the knowledge and passion for developing into greatness but might need some help bringing this to life through strategy, design, and marketing.

Pistil Brands is dedicated to partnering with and nurturing entrepreneurs and small businesses to appreciate, support and cherish themselves, their brand and community. By helping businesses bring to the surface their unique and valuable characteristics, Pistil Brands contributes to the elevation of cultural brand expectations, encouraging others to be better and rise to the highest possible level of brand integrity.



Ashleigh LeBlanc

President & Chief Brand Strategist

As President & Chief Brand Strategist, Ashleigh leads the Pistil team in pursuit of helping businesses bring their brands to life. After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute and Maine College of Art with a BFA in Print Design and MAT in Art Education, she began her career in graphic design and marketing at The Art Institute of Chicago, the second-largest fine art museum in North America. Ashleigh's forthright candor, knowledge of marketing trends, and talent for art direction make her an invaluable asset to any business. Unlike other agency founders, Ashleigh has an incredibly broad skill set in design, marketing, and art education, making her an excellent communicator, with an intuitive sense for guiding businesses towards their goals. Most importantly, she is a brand research, strategy, and planning expert who is known for executing solutions that are on-time and on-budget.   Ashleigh’s successful work with numerous clients in various industries has confirmed her belief that successful marketing strategies depend on careful research, planning, and cunning execution.  “I’ve started my own businesses three times over, so I understand the complexities of juggling it all in order to stand out–let alone stay afloat! In addition, I’ve taught art education, designed diverse brand identities, developed websites, and launched comprehensive marketing strategies for startups and established businesses at all levels of growth. Through it all, I continue to find my true purpose working with owners to find answers to the bigger questions. I love guiding entrepreneurs to discover their “why” in order to grow authentic businesses that are purposeful and profitable. When I’m not knee-deep in brand details, I lay low in Portland, Maine with my husband Andrew and our two rescue pups Hank and Hazel.”


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