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We'll help you build, launch and evolve an incredible brand.

We'll help you

an incredible brand.

Broad Spectrum B2B Branding & Marketing Solutions

Guidance to Build & Promote Your Brand, Services & Products


1. Discovery

Together, with key company stakeholders, we’ll dissect your brand, the company’s collective vision, and who we’re marketing to.

2. Strategy

Based on our discovery findings, we’ll develop a flexible roadmap of our execution strategy.

3. Execution

With a tailored mix of solutions to push your brand front and center, we’ll ensure execution puts your brand top of mind in your category.


Expertise for your brand to flourish.

We offer an integrated suite of full-service capabilities customized to meet all of your brand's development and marketing needs.


Want a brand you can rest your hat on?

A memorable brand identity isn’t built overnight. Rushing through the brand development process won't help you build a lasting brand. Skip the necessary steps - get flaky results. We'll help you build it right from the start.

Design &

Does your website accurately reflect the quality of your brand?

Your website should leave a lasting impression on your audience - one that inspires a high level of trust and brand loyalty. Ensure your "digital brochure" does what it should, when (and where) it should.

Packaging Design,
Engineering & Testing

Do your products (and their packaging) stand out?

Displaying your high-quality products in standard packaging isn't going to wow your customers. You need to step up your game. Create an experience for your customers unlike any other with attention-grabbing, sensory indulgent packaging.

Graphic Design
& Copywriting

Is your brand story shareable?

Great copywriting and graphic design begins with a remarkable brand story. The good news is - you likely already have one. We’ll help you uncover your brand story and tell it in the most compelling way - one that's irresistibly shareable.

Content & Influencer

Is your brand getting noticed?

Carefully crafted and strategically placed content leads to increased brand awareness. The right words placed in front of the right people at the right time results in wider brand recognition. We'll help you expand your brand reach.

Business Development Consulting

Where is your brand headed?

If you don't know what stage your business is in, or where you want to end up, how will you know where to go next? We'll help you define your business plan and build a map to success.

Mobile App Design
& Development

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Optimizing for mobile users is no longer an option. Not catering to mobile-users can land you at the bottom of the search engines. We'll make it easy for customers to find and access your brand from anywhere, on any device.

& Video

Do your visual assets amplify your brand story?

Stand out in your customers minds with unique and memorable photography and video that showcases your brand story in its best light. We'll help develop a visual identity to support your brand messaging in a powerful way.


Where should you spend your advertising dollars?

The right advertising opportunities can difficult to find, and the wrong ones can drain your pocket pretty quickly. We’ll connect your brand with influencers, networks, and media outlets to get your brand in front of the right faces.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Are you beyond "fashionably late" to Google?

Your competitors are playing the game, so why aren’t you? Not acknowledging the value of search engine optimization (SEO) will hurt you in the long run. Your customers are searching for you – you need to show up.

Social Media Strategy
& Management

Do your customers relate with your brand?

If your brand isn’t speaking to your ideal audience through the right channels, your messaging won’t be heard. Influence and organize a brand-centric community with strategic social media campaigns that keep customers engaged with your brand.


Are you ready to bring your product to market?

If your product doesn't provide the right solutions for your target market, things can go downhill quickly. With the right amount of research, planning, and proper testing, we can help you minimize the risk of failure.

Marketing &
Communications Plans

Are your marketing efforts goal-oriented?

Spending time and money on marketing doesn't guarantee results. Without clear goals and a plan for achieving them, all you can do is hope for the best. We'll help you create  goal-oriented plans that produce results.


Does your brand encourage customer loyalty?

Stay fresh in the mind of your customers with email marketing campaigns that people want to read. We’ll help you craft powerful messaging that drives customers to your website and keeps them coming back for more.


Branding  packages for every  budget.



For start-up businesses in need of from-scratch or re-brand foundations.

Brand Core Workbook

Visual Brand Identity
(Logo, Colors, Fonts)

Brand Identity Guidelines
(Logo, Colors, Fonts)

Business Card Template

Branded Email Signature Template

1-page Brochure Website
(eCommerce not included)

3 Social Media Creative Templates

Social Media Profile Creative
(1 channel)




For businesses in the growth stage ready to take their brand to the next level.

Brand Core Workbook

Visual Brand Identity
(Logo, Colors, Fonts)

Brand Identity Guidelines
(Logo, Colors, Fonts, Photography)

Business Card Template

Branded Email Signature Template

Branded Template-5-page Website with eCommerce

5 Social Media Creative Templates

Social Media Profile Creative
(2 channels)


Promotional Sticker Design

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Guidelines

10 Social Media Creative Templates

PowerPoint Branded Sales Presentation
(up to 10 slides)

6-Month Marketing & Communications Plan

1/2 day product photography studio shoot

3-hour Virtual Brand Strategy Workshop




For businesses ready to hit the brand-building ground sprinting.

Brand Core Workbook

Visual & Voice Brand Identity
(Logo, Icon, Colors, Fonts, Photography, Voice)

Brand Identity Guidelines 
(Logo, Colors, Fonts, Photography, Voice, Print, Events, Video)

Business Card Template

Branded Email Signature Template

Branded Template-10-page Website with eCommerce

Social Media Profile Creative
(5 channels)

Promotional Sticker Design

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Guidelines

20 Social Media Creative Templates

PowerPoint Branded Sales Presentation
(Up To 30 Slides)

12-Month Marketing & Communications Plan

Full-day product photography studio shoot

1 Day Brand Strategy Workshop in Portland, Maine, USA


Social Media Channel Set-up
(up to 5 channels)

Product Brochure

Tradeshow Booth Concept

Introductory Brand Video
(1 min.)




For brands with unique needs looking for a trusted brand-building and marketing partner, we offer fully customized solutions.

We'll work with your key stakeholders to disect your brand and establish short and long term strategies to achieve your business development goals.

We can customize any branding package to meet the unique needs of your business.



Packages do not includes expenses such as printing of brochures and stickers, licensing of software, images, fonts, stock photography.
Travel expenses are not included.

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